Trodat Clothing Marker Permanent Stamp


Trodat Clothing Marker Permanent Stamp

Trodat's clothing marker is the perfect product for durably marking textiles such as children's clothing or shirts. The shipment contains a replacement ink cartridge with special textile ink. The clothing marker is also obtainable as a D-I-Y stamp.

Max. text plate size: 38 x 14 mm

for marking textiles non toxic easy to use washable & permanent up to 90°C

Avalaible as

Custom Stamp

Upload your design or upto 3 lines of text. (Black)


DIY Stamp Contents:
1 letter set 6004 (character size 4mm)
1 pair of tweezers
1 ink cartridge (Black)
1 strip of fleece 60mm x 50mm

Additional information


Custom Made Stamp, DIY Stamp Kit


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